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 On the Top

The view of the highest platform

You can see up to 67km in good weather conditions from the third floor. In the best weather conditions you can see Chartes cathedral, which is located about 88 km away. Generally, the best view is right before sunset.
You can enjoy the view from either inside or outside.  On the inside you can find a wideview photo of Paris marking all Landmarks. On th eoutside  however, you can expierence the view in a different, more exciting way.  You can technically feel the height on the steel structure.  There are hardly words to describe-you really have to expierence it!

Wax Firgures: Gustave Eiffel and Thomas Edison sit inhis office.  Between them a phonograph and you can see his daughter in the background.

Wax Figures:  Gustave Eiffell and his engineers Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nougier with the architectural plans.

Lighthouse:  You can see the rotary lights on top of the Eiffel Tower every db_der erbauer vom eiffelturmevening starting at sunset.  An original annoyance, a monumental structure without a practical function became a highly visible landmark of Paris.  By the way, photos of the lit Eiffel Tower may not be publsihed by the media without permission or be posted on the Internet.