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Restaurants and Views

An unusual Restaurant in an unusual place

At 123 meter high Julius Verne Restraurant, one feels like they are in a spaceship.  The Chef is Alain Ducasse, the most decorated Chef in the world with 14 starts.  It his him who re-invented the craziest Restaurant in Paris. The Restaurant has a private elevator so his patrons do not have to stand in line for the ordinary elevator to the 2nd floor.  A host welcomes the guests and escorts them in the elevator upstairs.
The menu offers Oysters and Lobster Bleu.
The new inventory, including the kitchen was taken apart so it would fit in the 4 Squaremeter elevator to be taken upstairs. The food is prepared in the basement where he also stores his 15,000 bottles of wine.The dishes are being finished at the top because the elevators are usually occupied during the afternoon hours.  The cost of the dishes are high.
I recommend the Restaurant at night because of the way the Eiffeltower is illuminated.  You really shouldn't miss the show.

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