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The Elevators

Until today the numerous visitors can take the elevator or use the stairs. The first floor at 57 meters height accommodates a cinema with films about the history of the building, a Post Office, three Restaurants, Souvenir Stands, a Meeting Room and a Prospect Gallery. one can reach the second level in airy 115 meters over the city by 359 more stairs or use the elevator. The highest platform at 257 meters offers room for 400 people and breathtaking views of Paris and its surroundings. By means of three elevators one can reach the first two prospect platforms of the North, West and East columns.  At the North column one can take an elevator directly to the 2nd floor. For the highest platform one must transfer into another elevator on the second level. In 1983 four more orange elevators between the 2 nd and 3rd floor were build which made the 1000 ton heavy, 3 meters wide old spiral staircase redundant. The Staircase has 654 steps. One can find an Exhibit on the first floor about db_der erbauer vom eiffelturmthe History of the Eiffeltower. It is here where the designers did engrave the surname of 72 Scientists, as an Honor and Memory of its contribution to Science. The trip to the Top is impressive. I would highly recommend it. On the highest platform you can find the office of Gustav Eiffel.