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Points of interest in Paris


Under the streets of Paris is a network of caves and courses, branched out so far that one can cross half the city without ever seeing daylight.

Cemetery Pere-Lachaise

The cemtiere Pere-Lachaise is probably the most famous cemetery in the world.  Some of the most famous people in the world found their eternal peace here. 

Notre-Dame de Paris

Many churches in France are called Notre Dame.  But Notre Dame de Paris is not any church.

The Louvre

There is no king living in the castle it accommodates one of the largest museums in the world along with a pyramid of glass.  The Louvre is one of the most important points of interest.

Centre Pompidou

Center national D’kind et de Culture Georges Pompidou – short Center Pompidou is the cultural center in the middle of Paris.

the Eiffeltower

The most well known attraction of Paris. And the place with the best view.

the Basilika Sacré-Coeur

Sugarbaker Style - One cold hardly be more appropriately describe this building on the Montmatre.  One of the most popular attraction in Paris.


Between the Place de la Concorde and the Place Etoile extends the probably most famous Boulevard

Attractions around the World

Pyramiden von Gizeh

The pyramids of Gizeh were build around the 4th dynasty by Kings Cheops, Chepren and Mykerinos. The Cheops and Chepren pyramids are the highest buildings of the entire antiquity. Of the seven world wonders of the antique only the Cheops Pyramid defied the time.  The Cheops Pyramid was originally 146 meters high (today 138.75 meters) and the side lengh amounted to 230 meters (today 225 meters).It took about 3 million Stoneblocks weighing about 2.5 tons each and it was completely covered in limestone. Inside one can find a Gallery that is 8.5 meters high and 47 meters long. The third and smallest pyramid of the group is the Mykerinos Pyramid. In addition there are some smaller pyramids commonly known as Queen pyramids,The enormous buildings impressed people even in the Antiquity.

Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

The Jumeirah Mosque is an impressive example of modern Islamic architecture. It was build in a medieval style of the Fatimiden completely from Stone and is with her two minarets of impressing beauty.

Belltower, Duomo

The belltower is one of the most beautiful churches.  The outside is beautiful and the inside is spectacular. After we visited some churches, along with the Peter cathedral in Rome and the Markus Church in Venice this is one of the most beautiful.

Capitol, USA

It is the parliament building and seat of the American congress in Washington, DC. The Capitol displays numerous works of Art which represents American History and legislation. The capitol was built in a neoclassical Style.

Sphinx, Gizeh

The large Sphinx is a lion with a Human head. The body was sculptured from stone and more then likely the head had to be renewed several times.  The Sphinx is about 73 meters long which 15 meters of that are the frontpaws.  It is about 4 meters wide and about 20 meters high. Originally it was painted multicolored as one ear still has color on it.  By the way, the nose was probably destroyed by Turkish troops instead of Napoleons troops as some claim. Paintings from the 18th century show the Sphinx with a damaged nose long before the arrival of Napoleon.

Peter Cathedral in Rome

In any case one should climb the dome of the Cathedral.  It costs about an Euro more but even with that there are still 360 stairs left to climb.  The staircase is quite narrow. Without the use of the elevator there are about 500 stairs.  However, the trouble is rewarded to by a spectacular view. On one side one has a fantastic view of the roofs of Rome and much further. The other side displays a fantastic view of the parks of the Vatican.