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The Enterprise Eiffel Tower

About 600 million people from all over the world visit the landmark of Paris each year. To preserve the impressive backdrop it requires an enormous expenditure. About every 7 years the surface of the Eiffeltower, about 200,000 square meters, is painted with 60 tons of paint.  The colors do change in time. Right now the darker color is on the bottom and the bright color above is applied for a uniform perception of the sky in Paris. Workers will use 50 km of Safety ropes, 2 Hektar of Safety net, 1500 brushes and and more then 5000 Sharpenal. A team of 25 painters needs more then a year to complete this task. Specialty teams ensure the up-keep of the Eiffeltower.  For the cleaning alone teams will use 4 tons of rags, 10,000 cans of preservative agents, 400 liters of cleaners and approx. 25,000 garbage bags. The Eiffelturm employs about 500 people. Technical, Receptionists and administrative personal, different venues such as Restaurants, a Post Office and Police. The Eiffeltower is one of the rare french Monuments that requires no subsidies.