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The First Floor

You will find that on 4415 squareemters you have sufficient space to relax and read one of the several Informationsboards that describe and show important objects of interests.

You can find the following on the first platform:

The Post Office: Besides the popular postmark of the Eiffel Tower one can find stamps and postcards.

The Souvenir Shop:

The Gustave Eiffel room:
Conferences, Seminars and Meetings are being held in this great atmosphere on 300 square meters.

A small Snackbar:

An exhibition:
Many exhibits, information about architecture, the emergence and the longevity of the Eiffel Tower.

A cinema: A film shows the emergence and the highlights on the Eiffelturm
A computer: A laser-steered system, which measures the oscillations and movements up to the point in the tower in real time. (Maximum movement with stronger wind of approx. 12 centimeters
A hydraulic pump: An original hydraulic pump from way back.

Stairs: About 3 metres of the original spiral stair that connected the second and highest level. The outdated stairs were dismantled 1983 and some segments were auctioneered in an auction.